Chelsea Vs Manchester United

Who am I?

I am a young footballer and analyst. Very recently my dreams of becoming a professional player have become very real. This feeling is something I want to lead others to. This is a way to keep me accountable for making high quality content and to create opportunities for others.

10% of all profits will go to a charity in America to help give kids the same opportunities I’ve had in my pursuit.


Video Analytics

I am well versed in using different video editing softwares to present content in clear and meaningful ways.

Performance Psychology

I have a degree with concentrations in business and psychology. More specifically have been fascinated with how the brain works when looking to learn new skills and gain mastery in a certain area.

Tactical Theory

I am well practiced in taking theoretical concepts, explaining them, then showing the concepts through application.

Self Educated

Avid reader in my field. I stay up to date in all areas and use social media as a tool for learning rather than a social luxury


Youtube and Twitter are up. We’re working on the others!

Let’s make something together.

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